IELTS coaching, Are Virtual platforms better than regular classroom teaching?

Do I need to attend classroom sessions to prepare for my IELTS, Is this the only way to get coaching for IELTS? , Is it possible to attend IELTS coaching online? Will online classes be as good as classroom sessions? Will I be wasting my time and money by taking up online classes? Does it really work?

These are some of the questions running through the minds of Students in this COVID times, there is also a reason to hurry up and enroll for IELTS classes and not wait for the COVID to get over . Universities in most countries have already started accepting applications for 2020intakes and plan to start admitting International students by Sept/Oct 2020. The other reason to hasten is the long waiting time for IELTS exam dates

We at Campus International have developed the perfect online platform that will answer all the above questions? In fact a number of students who have been attending our regular classes, now prefer the online/virtual classrooms, some of the reasons they give for preferring online session to regular classroom programs are as follows

·         Most importantly, the option to sit and study in the safety of your homes than risking the chance of infection by stepping out into public places, or the chance of contracting an infection from other students or teachers.

·          Flexibility of time: In regular classes, you are part of the batch with a fixed time table which is difficult to alter, while in our Virtual/online classes, individual students can decide the time. They  can change the schedule as often as long as you inform your tutor the previous day about the changed timings and you have the flexibility of choosing  your sessions from m 6 Am to 10 Pm

·         One to One sessions: In the regular class program, you are part of a batch comprising of 5- 8 students and there is no chance to get a one to one attention from the tutor, while in our Virtual classroom, you have  the full, one to one attention of the tutor as the tutor is exclusively teaching you and not a group

·         Speaking Sessions: In a normal classroom, there is always a hesitancy in answering questions during the  speaking sessions, in front of the whole class, while in the virtual/online sessions, you have the comfort of answering  questions during speaking sessions in the privacy of your room

·         Missing Classes: There will always be reasons for missing regular classes due to valid reasons and if you miss a few classes, you will have the struggle to catch up with the batch, While in Our Online program, you will never miss a class and you are not part of a batch

·         Speed and Duration: In the classroom sessions, if you are part of a batch, the speed and duration of the course is decided by the batch, In our online sessions you can decide how fast you want to do the programs and  even the number of sessions per day/week/month that you want to attend

·         Low Fee: Online/virtual classroom programs are 30% cheaper than the regular classroom sessions

Campus International has one of the best online platforms providing IELTS/OET/PTE training.

Please contact us and take a FREE assessment session with our experts to understand your present level of English in  Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking, This will help you decide how much time and effort you need to invest in your classes to achieve your desired IELTS score.

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