Stay Back option for International Students (Post Study Work Visa) in UK to go up to 4 Years?

Former Education Minister and the brother of Prime minster, Boris Johnson is strongly advocating  to  increase the PSW to 4 years to attract  international Students

Post Study Work and PR option offered by the host country is perhaps the most dominant reason among Indian Students  while deciding   overseas education  .In my last 25 years of practice as an overseas education consultant , I have come across very few students who have not brought up the Post study or stay back question. The very few who have declared that their intentions to go abroad for studies are  strictly to acquire an  International qualifications are Students from business families , who expect their wards to join the  family business at the earliest

International Students, who come back to India with a foreign degree that is not augmented with sufficient work experience, often find it very difficult to gain a suitable employment back in India. Usually the Pay packages are nowhere near the expected Return on Investment (ROI), unless one has graduated from one of the Ivy League institutions. The reason being,entry level placements in India are mostly through campus Placements and the quality of companies vising and CTC  offered depend only on the reputation of Institution than the qualification itself.

 former UK Universities Minister Jo Johnson

  The story is very different, if the same student returns home   with 4-5 years of relevant work experience abroad ,post his studies in that country. Indian Companies would value the work experience as an important value addition to their International qualification and offer a higher CTC and position than what is probably offered to a counterpart with a domestic degree or Masters.

UK has always been a very favorite destination among Indian Students. When UK had cancelled the PSW options in 2012, we had experienced a huge drop in student numbers and students preferring countries like Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand

We have now seen an unprecedented increase in applications to UK universities  this year after the announcement of the PSW for 2 years. UK will definitely emerge as the number one destination among Indian students if a 4 year stay back is a reality. Even if other countries come up with similar packages, UK will still come out as the favorite destination among Indian students because of other factors like lower fee  ,1 year Master’s  and relaxation in IELTS requirement ( no IELTS required for Students who have scored  70%  in English at Higher  secondary )

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