Education System of Malaysia

Course start Dates Feb/June/Sept/Nov
IELTS Not Mandatory
Degree 3 to 4 Years
PG 1 to 2 years

There are two types of institutions: colleges and universities.

  1. Universities: A number of universities in Malaysia offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. In addition, parent campuses of some of the top universities in countries like the UK, Australia and Ireland have established branch campuses in Malaysia. Branch campuses offer an equivalent degree to students, similar to what they offer at parent campuses, but at an affordable cost.
  2. Colleges: Colleges in Malaysia mostly function as independent institutions, and they do not have any university statuses. Colleges are meant for transiting into the university level of education. Hence, most Malaysian colleges offer undergraduate degrees or bridge courses for students.
  3. Affiliated colleges of International Universities: Malaysia has a number of campuses of International Universities offering programs at affordable tuition rates. Examples of such universities are Monash University, Swinburne University of Technology, Curtin University of Technology, University of Nottingham, Raffles Design Institute and SAE Institute.


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