Education System of Switzerland

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IELTS Required
  • In Switzerland, there are 12 doctoral/research universities, 8 universities of applied sciences (UAS) and 20 universities of teacher education (UTE). Most universities are state-funded; except one of the UAS is private/state-recognized and 14 UTEs are independent.
  • Many degrees – all humanities and some science degrees, for example – are only available at academic universities; others, like health sciences, can only be studied at universities of applied science. Swiss higher educational policy values quality over quantity and you may find some universities specialize in certain subjects, and smaller universities may only offer a small selection of disciplines
  • The universities of applied sciences usually offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (and sometimes Doctoral degrees) related to scientific and professional education and carry out applied research
  • The doctoral/research or academic universities, which include the 10 cantonal and two federal institutes of technology, offer a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral (PhD) degrees programs at a high scientific and theory-based level and carry out research.
  • International students are not allowed to study medicine in Switzerland as there are limited places and these are almost always reserved for Swiss students.


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