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We're glad you're interested in joining the Campus International Advisors team. We've put together this list of frequently asked questions that you can use to learn more about being an Advisor.

Advisor FAQ

A paradigm shift is taking place in India, with universities, educational boards, schools, and governments recognizing the importance of career coaching.

As of today, there is a shortfall of about 15 lakh career coaching and guidance professionals in the country, with 90% of schools lacking career counselors. Career guidance, coaching, & mentoring will be a significant professional opportunity in the near future.” Skilled & certified career coaches will be the primary beneficiaries and well-positioned to bridge the gap of qualified practitioners.”.

Anyone looking for an option to work from home with a good earning potential and with zero investments can become a Career Advisor with Campus International. There are no prior qualifications or experience required to become a Career Advisor. In case, you have experience and/or a career and you’d like to take this part time or full time, you can take up the Career Advisor role as there is very little commitment on time and the model is portable..

A) Career Assessment Advisor: Utilize psychometric tools to provide career assessments. B) Personalized Guidance Advisor: Use tools like the career library and our web application to offer tailored career guidance for courses in India and abroad. C) College and Career Advisor: Advise students on colleges and careers using the Virtual Internship Program (VIP). D) Overseas Education Consultant: Guide students in selecting the right course, university, and country for their overseas education. E) International Certified Career Coach (ICCC): Pursue the 3-level credit-rated program focusing on global best practices, experiential learning, and cutting-edge tools. F) Student Referral: Simply connect or refer students to our team. You'll still receive a referral fee if they successfully pay their admission fee to a university abroad..

It is a remote work opportunity. Career Advisor's can work from anywhere in the world as the counselling process, assessment test, university application process, including applying for visa can all be done online..

Yes, location is not a constraint for becoming a Career Advisor as most of the counselling is done online. We have both Career Advisors and students from all over India and different parts of the world. The business model is designed to be flexible, so it doesn't matter where you are located - you can counsel a student from any part of the world..

You can tailor your involvement based on your available time and personal interests. We provide comprehensive training, cutting-edge technology, and data resources to support your student counseling efforts. During the entire process, you'll receive 24x7 support from a well-trained and experienced back-up team..

Here's what we offer: A) AI-Powered Career Guidance Tools: Access our award-winning 5-dimensional career assessment tests for accurate student analysis. B) Career Library: Explore 25,000+ colleges, 1,000+ career domains, 1,000+ scholarships, 500+ entrance exams, and 200+ career paths in India. C) Web Application for Global Courses: Get details on 40,000+ courses in universities abroad, including fees, entry criteria, durations, and start dates. D) Virtual Internship Programs: Utilize AI-powered online internships to help students decide between 4 or 5 career options. E) International Certified Career Coach (ICCC): Elevate your advisory career through a 3-level program that qualifies you as an internationally certified career coach..

There are no fees or bonds involved, and an agreement or MOU is executed to establish the working relationship, payment terms, and expectations from both sides. However, to be qualified as an International certified coach (ICCC)there is a fee to be paid to the Accrediting organizations..

No, there is no cost or investment required to become an Career Advisor. However, you will need a computer, internet connection, and phone to communicate with our team, get trained, access our database on the portal, and engage with students and parents..

If you don't have a computer, you can still refer students to our team or ask them to contact us directly. However, if you want to become a serious Career Advisor and use the web portal, a laptop will be required. If you don't have much knowledge about using computers, don't worry. The web portal is user-friendly, and we provide training sessions and live support to help you get started..

Remember, as a Career Advisor, you don't need to sell or convince anyone. You provide information to parents and students about choosing the right course and careers based on standardized assessment test so they can make informed decisions about their child's future and investment. Our team will pitch in and clear their doubts and even connect them with current students, when required. Additionally, we also offer training and support to improve your communication skills and confidence. You can take over gradually as you feel comfortable and confident..

Many of our Career Advisor s communicates with the student and their families in local language. Therefore, basic knowledge in English is sufficient to become a Career Advisor..

It will depend on your earning goal. If you want to earn more, you may need to spend more time contacting potential students through social media or reaching out to nearby schools or academic institutions. However, if you need to take leave for a period, it will not affect your work significantly as most communication is done over the phone or email. In case of any sudden commitments or job changes, our backend team will be there to take over and ensure that things continue to run smoothly..

A fee will be charged from only those students who are keen to take up the online psychometric test which will give a 34-page detailed report followed by a one to one counseling (initially from Campus International, till you are ready to do the counseling, A fee will be charged for the test and the counseling • The virtual internship program will give the student an access to experience and get feedback from 36 different career options, which also will be charged. • Campus International has contracts with over 500 International Universities who pay a referral fee for the 1 st year tuition fee. The fee will vary for countries, Universities, and courses. Typically, you can earn between Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1, 50,000 or more per student..

Payment for the online Psychometric test and virtual internship program will be immediate and by net transfer Referral fee for students studying abroad s are paid after the student has joined the university and has paid their first-year fee. Since most foreign universities have multiple start dates (Feb/May/June/Sept/Nov), you can expect to receive payments around five times a year..

No, there are no fees or registration charges that the student has to pay to the Career Advisor or Campus International for any of the services provided. We offer comprehensive support to students and families without any additional charges, as Campus International is an official representative of the partner universities and we receive a referral fee for every student referred. And we share this fee with the Career Advisor s for their services. The only fee that will be charged from the students will be for the online Psychometric test and virtual internship programs..

Yes, you can increase your earnings by actively expanding your network of students beyond your friends and family. If you are able to conduct the online Career assessment test at schools and Virtual Internship program at Colleges, you can have a regular income. There is a good possibility that some of these students will be seeking for admissions to international universities, where you earn a very higher income as referral fee from the universities .You can also earn additional income through, coaching classes for exams like IELTS, and teaching spoken English classes. Once you take up the role as International Certified Career Coaches (ICCC) you will be able to earn higher incomes as a certified career coach..

To apply to become a Career Advisor with Campus International, simply fill out the application form. We will review your application and contact you if you are selected for an interview..

With right attitude, anyone can become an advisor.

Get all the necessary training and 24X7 support from our experts.

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